The goal of floating the " Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientists of Bangladesh (NITUB)", established in 1994, was to ensure proper use, maintenance, and repair of scientific instruments in Bangladesh.

During the late 1980s and 1990s, the Fellows of International Programme In the Chemical Sciences (IPICS) and grantees of International Foundation for Science (IFS) frustratingly felt the dearth of efficient technical personnel for servicing and maintenance of their instruments. A group of these scientists realized the necessity for forming a platform to improve the efficiency of the technical personnel and user scientists of the country. The proposal got strong support from IFS, UNESCO, IPICS and Asian Coordinating Group for Chemistry (ACGC). NITUB was born to see-all instruments in the country are functioning; no piece of instrument lying out of order for lack of servicing facilities.

I feel proud to say that, in the last 25 years NITUB has grown from strength to strength and is now looked upon by the scientists working in academic institutions, research establishments, both public and private, pharmaceutical industries, etc. of the country as an active and efficient service provider. NITUB has now its own office, workshop, and has two full time engineers and five part time engineers/technical experts. Till to-date NITUB has organized 76th training programmes including two regional programmes, repaired 1832 equipment worth approximately US$ 88,38,156.00 and installed equipment like HPLC, GC, AAS, IR Spectrophotometer which were lying idle for want of expertise.

NITUB is now being looked upon as an effective organization by developing countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cameroon. The scientists of these countries are in the process of establishing their own networks following the NITUB model.

The success of NITUB lies in the efforts of the members of the Governing Body who work voluntarily with the aim of serving the interest of the scientists. I congratulate them all and wish they will continue to push the cause of NITUB in future too.

I thankfully acknowledge the financial supports of National and International organizations such as Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC), IFS, IPICS and UNESCO which made the NITUB viable. 

I end this message with a sad note to say that we all gratefully remember the advice and guidance of NITUB's Founder-President Prof. M. Shamsul Huq who passed away in 2006 and also for active support of Dr. M. Eusuf, Founder Executive Committee member, who passed away in 2015. May the almighty rest his soul in peace.

I wish that NITUB can contribute more in the days to come.


Mesbahuddin Ahmad
President, NITUB



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