Proposed activities of NITUB for 2017

(1) Training Programmes

NITUB plans to organize the following programmes in 2017.

(a)A training programme on UV-VIS and IR Spectrometer to be held in the second week of March 2017.

(b)To train the laboratory level technicians, who are responsible for day-to-day operation of scientific instruments, NITUB will organize a Common Laboratory Equipment. This Common Laboratory Equipment is scheduled in the month of May 2017.

(c)A workshop on basic electronics for young faculties, research scientists and technical personnel will be organized in the month of July 2017.

(d)A training programme on Common Medical Equipment will be organized in the month September 2017.

(e)Many educational and research organizations have Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS). There are requests to organize training programme on AAS. Though NITUB organized one training programme on AAS in 2016, however if NITUB gets more requests, another training programme may be organized on AAS in the month of December 2017.

Instrument Repair Programme

NITUB runs its instrument repair programme throughout the year. This programme is very useful and effective one for the user scientists and technical personnel of Bangladesh. NITUB has so far repaired more than 1500 non-functioning scientific instruments of different educational and research organisations of Bangladesh. NITUB also helps user scientists of various organisations to install their scientific instruments. The instrument repair programme will be conducted throughout the year as done in past years.

Training of the technical experts

The technical experts of NITUB are being trained abroad for couple of weeks to up- date their knowledge. This type of higher training not only enhances the capability of the technical experts but also it is a sort of incentive to them. NITUB used send its engineers in Umea University, Sweden, but as there were no course on instrumentation offered there. NITUB engineers were asked to look for courses relevant to enhance their knowledge on instrumentation. NITUB, in principle, agreed to train its engineer abroad in advanced laboratory for higher training.



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