Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientist of Bangladesh (NITUB)

Activity Report-2017

Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientists of Bangladesh (NITUB) is a registered [registration number: S-7887(1077)08] voluntary, non-profitable, non-political learned society dedicated to scientific education and research. NITUB is functioning since 18 August 1994. The following are the activities of NITUB in 2017:

Training Programs

One of the main objectives of NITUB is to conduct training programmes on specific group of instrument to update the knowledge of user scientists and technical personnel in instrumentation so that scientific equipment of different institutions functions properly and scientific research could be carried out effectively. In the year 2017 NITUB, organized four training programmes (64th, 65th, 66th and 67th) in which 89 young faculties, post graduate students, scientists and technical personnel of different public and private universities and research organizations of Bangladesh were trained. [Details ...……..]

Instrument Repair Program

Through this programme of NITUB, eighty two (82) non-functioning scientific equipment of different educational and research organizations of Bangladesh have been repaired in the year 2017. The reported book value of these scientific instruments is approximately BD Taka 28,533,270/- (U.S. $ 3,44,189/-) and NITUB spent approximately BD Taka 91,730.00/- (U.S. $ 1,149/-) to repair these instruments. [Details ...…….]


NITUB used to post all its activities in its website ( However, NITUB also publishes brochure, profile, manual etc. NITUB has published brochures for the four training programmes and handed over the published training materials to the participants of the programmes of 2017.

Other activities:

Membership of NITUB

Twenty nine (29) scientists and technical personnel became members of NITUB in 2017. Till December 2017, NITUB has two hundred three (203) members of which 11 founder members, 181 life members and 11 ordinary members. [Details all list > go to page “Membership of NITUB” ].


NITUB gratefully acknowledges the financial and logistic support of:-

: ISP (International Science Programme)

: IPICS (International Programme in the Chemical Sciences)

: IFS (International Foundation for Sciences)

: OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)

: CARS (Centre for Advanced Research for Sciences) University of Dhaka.

: Department of Chemistry, Chittagong University

: BUHS (Bangladesh University of Health Sciences)

: BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Dhaka.

Altaf Hussain
General Secretary, NITUB


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